Visualizing Village Level Child Undernutrition in India

We mapped the burden of childhood undernutrition across all of the nearly 600,000 villages in rural India to enable prioritization of interventions in a geographically precise way. We used data from the 2016 Indian Demographic and Health Survey and the 2011 Indian Census for village-level demographics and amenities to predict child stunting, underweight, and wasting for all villages in India. Substantial variations in undernutrition across villages became evident. For instance, while the average predicted rate of stunting across all villages was 37.9%, in 691 villages the average predicted rate of stunting was under 5%, while in 453 villages it exceeded 70%. Our mapping also revealed villages with high burdens of undernutrition geographically juxtaposed with lower-burdened villages.  In the interactive dashboard below, users can further explore these granular geographic variations and rankings of villages across India.

Map Visualization

Note: Users can activate the legend by clicking on the top right hand corner of the maps as shown in the image to the right. In addition, users can hover over a village point to show the prevalence (%) and its rank relative to other villages in the country.

PDF Report

Using the interactive dashboard below, users can select a district and see all the villages within that district for the 3 indicators. Hovering over a village in the map will display the village name and the prevalence (%) value. To download a PDF report of the current view, click on the PDF download icon and select "Unspecified" as the page size. Please see the image to your right for more details.

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