NFHS Policy Tracker for Parliamentary Constituencies

Policy discourse and engagement in India can be meaningfully enhanced by readily and routinely providing data on key population health and development indicators for the 543 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs) of the Lok Sabha. The PCs are represented by democratically elected Members of Parliament (MPs) who are responsible for identifying and fulfilling the aspirations of their constituents through impactful policy interventions. Currently, there are no estimates available at the PC-level to help MPs monitor the performance of critical policy indicators in their respective constituencies. Making PC-level estimates available in a practical, user-friendly manner can significantly support the MP and their respective PC’s stakeholders and constituents, enabling clearer, evidence-based discussion around progress being made across key policy initiatives of the union and state governments of India.

Using the NFHS-4 (2015-16) and NFHS-5 (2019-21) data grouped by geographic clusters, we provide estimates on 75+ policy indicators linked to government programmes for each PC that are presented in an interactive dashboard including PC specific factsheets. Related publications including our methodology are presented below.

Geographic Visualization

Technical Notes

For a full screen view of the dashboard, see this link:

Citation: Geographic Insights Lab. NFHS Policy Tracker for Parliamentary Constituencies. 2022. Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies and Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard, Cambridge MA, USA.


  1. In the percentile and change filter, use CTRL (on Windows) and CMD (on Mac) to select more than one percentile/change category.
  2. The 10th percentile represents the districts below the 10th percentile; the 20th percentile represents districts between the 10th and 20th percentile, and so on.
  3. For best performance, use Google Chrome on desktop.
  4. Refer to the Publications below for more information regarding the method.

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